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Board Advisors Japan, Inc. supports boards and management to increase shareholder value throughout corporate governance and management transformation. We provide comprehensive advice to clients based on our rich experience to support advanced companies’ corporate governance transformations. In addition, we leverage our expertise as members of various councils of experts including the Council of Experts Concerning the Follow-up of Japan’s Stewardship Code and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, and cutting edge knowledge in this area gained through frequent discussions with regulators as well as major global and domestic institutional investors.

  • Board Effectiveness Review

    We are immensely proud of the distinguished quality of our board effectiveness review services as a third-party organization.

  • Non-Executive Director Search

    Utilizing our broad professional network, we introduce appropriate candidates for clients’ board rooms.

  • CEO Succession

    The CEO of our firm, as the leading pioneer of CEO succession planning in Japan, has a proven track record of advising succession planning, and assessment and development of candidates.

  • Management Appraisal

    Based upon the expertise we have gained through such experience, we appraise leaders and executives. We provide strategic advice which is related to clients’ organizations and human capital.

  • Executive Coaching

    Our team of experts feature an abundance of experience in coaching and provision of onboarding support for CEO. Our coaching services are also available for all levels of executive talent.

  • Development of Next Generation Leaders

    Our firm designs leadership development programs and engages in the development of future enterprise leaders together with sitting CEOs of clients.

  • Implementation Support to
    Increase Corporate Value

    Our clients need to address issues identified through board effectiveness reviews in order to increase their corporate value including transformation of existing business and development of new business.