Governance & Top Executive Resources Consulting

As an advisor to boards of directors and CEOs seeking to increase corporate value,
we provide a comprehensive range of services, including Board Effectiveness Reviews,
Non-Executive Directors Search, and CEO Succession Planning.

Corporate Governance related advisory services
We provide comprehensive support for various measures to improve corporate governance and board effectiveness, taking into account the client’s historical background and issues specific to each company, as well as the perspectives of each stakeholder.
Support for transforming institutional design
We support our clients from the strategic point of view by identifying issues in the client’s institutional design based on the company’s vision, growth strategy, and the ideal image of the board of directors, and from the identification of issues for change to the decision on the organization.
Third-party review on the effectiveness of the Board
We provide an unparalleled quality of third-party review of the effectiveness of the Board. Through in-depth interviews with each director, we clarify the issues facing the board of directors and provide direction on how to resolve them.
Support for peer review of Board members
Utilizing a high level of interpersonal skills of our consultants, we support the Board’s Peer Review in an in-depth manner and contribute to improving the effectiveness of the Board of Directors through essential feedback to each director.
Strengthening Nomination Committees function
Consultants with extensive experience in both corporate governance and top executive consulting provide comprehensive support for improving the function of Nomination Committees, which is the foundation of corporate governance, from annual activity plans to the details of activities.
Support for strategic CEO Succession Planning
We support CEO succession planning based on our extensive experience as leading experts in the field. We provide consistent support for CEO succession planning, including evaluation of senior management, advice to Nomination Committees, and coaching of candidates for the next CEO positions.
Management appraisals for top executives
We conduct evaluations based on our own evaluation standards, which we have developed through our experience in evaluating CEOs and top executives of many Japanese companies. We also provide advice on organizational HR strategies based on the evaluation results.
Providing coaching program for top executives
We have extensive experience in coaching incoming CEOs prior to their appointment, and in assisting them in establishing themselves in their new positions before and after they assume the position. Coaching for executives other than CEO candidates is also available upon client request.
Development and training for next-generation top executives
In our “Management School,” students are asked to think about what their company should be like ten years from now and its medium- to long-term strategy and present their ideas in front of the current CEO and the Board of Directors.
Executive search for CxO positions
Utilizing our consultants’ extensive network of contacts, we support the recruitment of leaders with ability and qualities from the perspective of forming a strong management team that will realize corporate value enhancement, based on the client company’s growth strategy.
Support for Non-Executive Director Search
We will find Non-Executive Directors crucial not only for general corporate governance but also for “growth-oriented corporate governance” by utilizing our extensive network of contacts. Our high-quality service includes reference checks on the qualifications of those directors.
Advice on corporate value enhancement
Experienced consultants in the areas of management, strategy, and top executive consulting will assist in resolving management issues identified through board effectiveness assessments, such as innovating existing businesses and strengthening new businesses.
Strategic advice on Economic Security and political risk advisory
Geopolitical (and geo-economic) risks surrounding companies are increasing, not only due to supply chain disruptions but also due to structural tensions in international relations. With unique expertise in both corporate governance and international relations, some of our consultants support corporate responses to the growing importance of Economic Security from the perspective of corporate governance.
Support for sustainability promotion
As sustainability issues have a greater impact on corporate management in the business environment, corporate governance functions related to sustainability have become increasingly important. We support our clients in truly integrating sustainability into their management by leveraging our expertise in board effectiveness assessment.
Support for engagement and dialogue with institutional investors
The relationship between companies and their major stakeholders, investors, is entering a new stage. Our consultants with extensive management experience, equipped with both investor and corporate perspectives, support the promotion of dialogue between companies and institutional investors.