Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Board Advisors Japan, Inc. complies with any applicable law and/or regulations regarding personal information, in light of the responsibility for respecting privacy. We protect personal information, establishing a personal information managemnet system which is consistent with the following points:

  1. Board Advisors Japan, Inc. will properly handle the personal information within the scope necessary to achieve intended purposes. Board Advisors Japan, Inc. will neither provide nor disclose personal information without consent of such person, unless law and/or regulation exceptionally permit to do so.
  2. In managing personal information, Board Advisors Japan, Inc. will make efforts to take all necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the prevention and correction of any leakage, loss or damage of the personal information, as well as the otherwise secure management of the personal information.
  3. Board Advisors Japan, Inc. will have a section for responding to complaints and consultations concerning the protection of personal information and make efforts to properly respond to such complaints and consultations.

Board Advisors Japan, Inc.
Hideaki Tsukuda, Chief Executive Officer
Established and implemeted on December 1, 2019

Regarding the handling of personal information

Board Advisors Japan (hereinafter”We”) shall respect the privacy of companies, , affiliated companies, associations, etc.(“Service Using Companies, etc.”), that use the our consulting services provided in accordance with this privacy policy (“Serivces”) and each person(“User”) who uses the Services and shall handle the personal information(as defined below) of all Users with the utmost care in the management thereof.

  1. Definition of Personal Information
    • The term “Personal Information” as used in this section means information about a living individual which can be used to identify that specific individual due to its inclusion of a name, date of birth, or other such information. This includes any information that can be cross-checked against other information and thereby used to identify that specific individual.
  2. Purpose of Use
    • In order to provide our Serivce, we shall obtain and handle appropreately personal information within the scope of the purpose below. We shall also manage any pubclic information collected indirectly via internet etc, in the same manner.
    1. Provision of Service
    2. Provision of additional services to Service
    3. Introduction of Service
    4. Improvement, development and/or Marketing of Service
    5. Others, relevant to Service
  3. Retention Period
    • We retain your personal information for as long as needed or permitted considering the above purpose(s) for which it was obtained.
  4. Provision of personal information to third parties
    • We shall not provide third party with obtained personal information, except in the following case:
    1. User provides consent in any manner;
    2. Laws and regulation permits;
    3. It is neccessary to protect the life, body, or property of an individual, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Person;
    4. It is neccessary to improve public health or promote healthy child development, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the Person;
    5. It is neccessary to cooperate with a national government organ, local government, or person entrusted thereby with performing the functions prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the consent of the Person is likely to interfere with the performance of those functions; and
    6. It is neccessary to entrust with all or part of the handling of Personal Inforamtion within the scope necessary for achieving the Purpose of Use.
  5. Outsourcing of Personal Information processing
    • We may outsource personal information handling work in part or in whole. We shall be responsible for the handling of personal information by the party to which such work is outsourced.
  6. Modifications, etc. to personal information
    • As a general rule, only the User themselves can request notification regarding the “purposes of use of the personal information,” or any disclosure or correction of, addition to, or deletion or suspension of his/her registered personal information, or the provision thereof to third parties (“Modification, etc., of Personal Information”). For specific methods, please refer to the following contact in charge of personal information management.
  7. Voluntary nature of provision of personal information
    • We require Clients to provide personal information that is necessary to accomplish the purpose of use. Although it is not necessary to answer all of the items, if a Client fails to answer certain question(s), such Client may not be able to use the Services.
  8. Questions
    • Questions regarding our privacy polisy should be directed to Board Advisors Japan, Inc. at or, if by postal mail, at Board Advisors Japan, Yusen Building 4F, 2-3-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: Privacy Office.
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