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Management Appraisal

Today, technological innovation progresses rapidly, and it is not easy to foresee the future. Effective sustainable growth of a company requires regular updates in terms of understanding of its own human capital by way of evaluating current and next generation leaders, in addition to regularly recognizing existing skills and capabilities.

Our consultants possess an abundance of experience in assessing top executives and business leaders. Based upon the expertise we have gained through such experience, we appraise leaders and executives, inclusive of behavioral and psychological characteristics.

Our appraisal method is composed of in-depth individual interviews of assessment subjects as well as 360-degree referencing, which is effective in capturing participants’ strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner.

Our deliverables are not limited to simple evaluations. We provide strategic advice which is related to clients’ organizations and human capital, including concrete development plans to overcome weaknesses and recommended career steps for the future. We also hold one-on-one developmental feedback sessions with each participant through which we encourage the individual to take proactive actions to improve behavior and enhance leadership.